Arasys, Inch Loss, Body Shaping System
Inch Loss and Body Shaping System
Have you ever felt that no matter how many sit-ups you do, no matter how much Pilates you can stand, no matter how much weightlifting, aerobics, or spinning you do—nothing will get to that specific area of your body that just seems to stay a little "fleshy"? Maybe you are thinking liposuction, but don't want surgery.

Try Arasys inch loss and body shaping system.

One session is equal to approximate 300 sit-ups or 400 buttocks raises. FDA approved, Arasys uses unique faradic waveform technology based on the Pacemaker to smoothly pulse desired muscles and burn fat (like isometric exercise).

Introductory Session: $99
Individual Session: $200

The Arasys is a nerve communicator designed to speed muscle building and inch loss in a fraction of the time needed at the gym. Results are equivalent to, and last as long as strenuous exercise. Arasys treatments detoxify and improve circulation, leaving you with an overall sense of well-being, with no down time or negative side effects.

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